11 February 2017 – Chinese Valentine’s Day

Keep the Faith!

Dear Friends of Heather & March,

I am finally starting to write my blog today. Co-incidentally today is our Chinese Valentines’ Day. I would thus like to take this opportunity to wish you all A Very Happy New Year of the Coq and in the years to come filled with love, happiness and success!

As most of our customers might know, neither Heather & March nor myself were born in the era of the fast paced social media world. While it is great to share company information with friends and customers, I have always been reluctant to go beyond that line although I have been advised to personally voice out more, share more, to ‘come out’ more, etc etc because I carry a role of being the French lifestyle ambassador and our audience may like to draw inspiration from my personal experience and knowledge. 

My belief about elegance and grace have always been so firmly entrenched in my personal living philosophy, and thus trying to talk about oneself frequently via such a wide platform have always been a ‘faux pas’ to me. Having your lifestyle business without sharing your personal experience is also not being very progressive but don’t we respect subtleness, modesty and humility anymore these days?  So how to balance?

Yet with everything else, it takes time to understand in order to see and feel better one’s matter in order to make appropriate decision and take the right action from it. I am therefore rather glad that I didn’t rush into doing my blog without thinking carefully and merely following what people say. I never ‘buy’ that. I am a believer of using one’s heart instead of just using one’s brain to make my judgement call. After further research, I gradually understand and starting to see the positive side of connecting with many nice people via the right platform if it is being done in a right manner.

Keep the faith, just do the right thing with humbleness and beautiful things will happen, that is my life’s motto.  Don’t ‘strive’, a term I used to use a lot during my very young days. To strive is actually not natural and not in tune with God’s nature; actually there is no need to ‘strive’ but simply be ‘still’. By being ‘still’ here is not to mean doing nothing or being inactive or reactive, but the word in this context represents a spiritual virtue of behaving oneself with faith, calmness, confidence and belief  in overcoming challenges so we do not need to strive based on fear or doubt.  Just do the best you can naturally and God will take care of the rest. 

So here I am with my blog, not shouting out loud, not trying to wrap up as many viewers as possible within the shortest possible time, not to make any fuss just for the sake of it. The key principle is – as long as I am sharing positive, valuable, sincere and inspiring content with good motives, and to do it with style and sensitivity, I do see the promising side of it.

This is the blog about sophisticated, elegant and beautiful lifestyle and know-how coupled with my personal living philosophy.  Hopefully it is also armed with wisdom and virtues.  To live beautifully and successfully, there is indeed a way of living one can follow, or as the French say, the art of living.

There are too many negative voices and bad taste filled with pessimistic energy in our society today. Having accumulated altogether my professional and personal life experience in either the dynamic and sophisticated lifestyle world or in the corporate business world for almost 30 years, I hope I could at least share some positive principles, thoughts and ideas about what it takes to build a successful, fulfilling and beautiful lifestyle.

I hope you would enjoy reading my content dedicated especially for my friends and customers. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much once again for your valuable support and patronage. You are in fact the driving force behind in whatever we do at Heather & March.  

Keep the Faith and keep walking!


You are cordially invited to view our Art Of Living Video at http://heatherandmarch.com/eshop/module/csblog/post/186-25-the-art-of-entertaining-with-heather-march.html & Stay tuned for our next topic about Similarities and Differences between Chinese and French Elegance

Background of the Writer

Mrs. Wendy Siu is the Founder and President of Heather & March since 1998. A Hong Kong born and bred person, she received her local education in Hong Kong and obtained her university degree in U.S.A.  She was a corporate executive working for global conglomerates prior to establishing her own business. As an intern and a graduate, she worked at MCI Telecommunication Corporation in U.S.A. since 1985 servicing corporate accounts. Back to Hong Kong, she joined British Telecom International in U.K. based in Hong Kong as Regional Sales Manager – Asia, and General Electric Hong Kong as Regional Sales Director during the period of 1989-1996 developing  global multinational accounts, responsible for regional sales development and distributor management. She took up culinary art, home decoration and porcelain training in France & U.K. after she left her corporate career. With her passion in home ware and gastronomy, she started Heather & March as an entrepreneur in 1998.  She is the pioneer in offering authentic lifestyle programs in sharing the art of living  and culinary know-how with customers ever since the début of Heather & March.  She has been regarded as the key French lifestyle ambassador in Hong Kong.  

Siu has been honored with a national French knighthood medal, ‘Chevalier of the National Order of Merit’ by the French government in 2005, and got promoted to ‘Officier of the French National Order of Merit’ in 2012. 

She has been appointed as Vice President of the Executive Board Committee, Alliance Française of Hong Kong in 2011 since she joins the committee board in 2008.

She has been appointed as the Trade Advisor of the French Foreign Trade Advisory Committee, Hong Kong in 2013.

She has recently been appointed as the Supervisory Board Member of the House of Laurent Perrier Champagne in France in 2016.

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