3 March 2017

Get Back to our Roots – Similarities between Chinese and French Elegance

Hi friends, I am back and pardon for taking a bit long with my second blog story.

As mentioned earlier, my second article is to talk about the similarities between Chinese and French elegance.  Really…..similarities?  Yes, and in the art of living, I do found that there is indeed a great deal of similarities between the two cultures.  It is about self-control, balance act and subtleness.  This mannerism is being delivered in such an unspoken and elegant way, especially in the sophisticated world of socializing or communication between civilized people. 

It is a pity that in today’s world most people just seem to get the impression about our latest Chinese culture being dominated merely by loudness and boldness.   It is really not the case if we trace back our ancestral roots. We used to live our lives with the belief of inner strength, subtleness, inner wisdom, calmness, courteous manners which all speak volume about what elegance is about.

One analogy I like to draw on is the similarities between our literatures. I have always enjoy reading French poetry although I can’t keep up remembering  it after reading it…but to submerge myself into those beautiful words is a total delight to me.  I enjoy comparing the similarities between French and Chinese writings and poetry.  In just a few words, our whole universe, our deep sentiment, love, pain, joy, struggle can be illustrated and expressed so vividly in such great ‘depth’.  This also explains my preference about quality lifestyle; you don’t really need a lot, you actually need ‘depth’.  People scratch the surface these days to look for answers but the matter in fact lies in a greater depth.

So back to the subject of Art of Living, it is about pursuing this beautiful act of balancing and wisdom with depth.  In elegant living, there is also no room for loudness. To be elegant, you don’t need a lot really to obtain this, you just need depth and quality. When we have the privilege to have nice things for our surroundings, it is not about their price tag that we want to flaunt to people, yet sadly people seem to be dwelling into this more and more leading into more vulgarity in our society; rather, it is about the precious know-how and experience behind all these wonderful products and service we should appreciate and treasure.  Once we know how to appreciate fine things in life with the right perspective, our inner elegance will follow. This applies the same whether in French or Chinese elegance. It is just that simple.

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