5 April 2017

Spring Arrival 

Spring has finally arrived! How wonderful to hear the birds singing, the sun shines up in the sky, flowers are leaves are gradually coming out of their cocoon. I am so thrilled to welcome the arrival of my favorite season.  I immediately have numerous ideas on how to welcome this spring both at my home and at my store.  I have often been asked about how to compose different schemes for different seasons.  While there are many elements to consider when doing so, color utilization is usually one of the top factor in creating any theme. Color expresses a state of mind, an impression and mood. For example there are colors that express serenity, richness, softness, simplicity, vividness, and many other expressions too.


For this spring, I naturally would like to use colors in green. To me green signifies nature and growth; for example the growth of flowers, leaves, trees, grass which are all related to nature.  I find that our new collection from Gien ‘Jardin Extraordinaires’ which translates to ‘Extraordinary Garden’. The design of this collection is about nature and is theme offers a fabulous subtle springy colors that fits with this season rather well. Why? Because its green palette offers such a modern hue that matches especially well with the current trendy and fashionable emerald and turquoise color tone. By adding a touch of warm soft red color can even further complete your table scape rather nicely for this spring. This green hue is subtle. It therefore gives a clear distinction between the bright sharp green colour usually found in summer than the more graduate evolving green color hue used for Spring.

As the design is about nature, it is perfect for my spring home décor or table setting creation. I like their desert plates with different motifs especially the ones with the French kiosk in chinoiserie style. I am happy that I had picked up some very elegant hand embroidered napkins from Noël in France to go with these plates with the similar motifs. Talking about balance and harmony in my last two sessions, how amazing!  Love using cocktail napkins at home when I am receiving few selected friends. It is so much more civilized to use real cocktail napkins versus paper napkins if one can manage! Do check out their Japanese style tea pot , this kind of cross over design is so much in trend in Paris, very Parisian in spirit!

While we are talking about the latest trendy color hue of turquoise, olive green, I find our new Minéral collection of Raynaud a very stylish one. The precise lines and shapes of Mineral Irisé, which is actually also the characteristics of fine porcelain, make this collection a very sophisticated items for a fine modern stylish home.   While Gien provides warmth and spontaneous Parisian style, I love the texture in Mineral Irisé for their luxurious but subtle expression.

I wish you all a very happy and refreshing Spring Arrival!

Stay tuned for Wendy’s tips about using the right table linen for practical day to day living with style 

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