9 May 2017 – Five Second Rule

Dear Friends,

Missed speaking to you since my last posting.  Sharing meaningful ( I hope!) thoughts requires tranquil moment to do so, thus I prefer to sit down, take my time , think it through to write my stuff.  My audience like you have always been on my mind, yet I just can’t seem to get around with my writing due to all the activities going on these days, so please pardon my slow output.  We had finished hosting a very beautiful ladies afternoon tea event last month with happy success at the residence of the Consul General of France. I will get to those lifestyle tidbits later on and also to talk about the everyday table linen usage tips mentioned at my last blog but first, I would like to share with you something that I wanted to express some time ago- I have currently established my Five Second Rule, and I hope it could be of interest to you. What is that, you may ask?

Well, throughout the years of interacting with different people from all walks of life, I often found that most people, regardless of their background and education can be very judgmental towards others and tend to ‘jump’ into conclusion immediately without giving people any slack.  I love the sentence someone wrote >> " Please don’t judge, every man has a story to face behind that you know nothing about.”  That explains it… My Five Second Rule is about giving people some slack without pre judgement, showing an act of gracefulness.   

Don’t you notice in our society today that people just lash out harsh words, criticism, cynical statement and unforgiving perception immediately towards others, without the slightest bit of courtesy and mercy. When encountering people that are different from them, or things being handled differently from their way of living, judgement is being formed simply based on the  limited view of their own world,  without deeper understanding and knowledge of others.  So easy to 'say' things and gossip irresponsibly but bad words are the worst yeast in fermenting a bad dough, distorting the whole social harmony. This is lack of grace and is not a positive reflection of what our civilization is about.  

We can form opinions or assessment but we can't form judgement.  My five-second or even to my five-hour, five-day or five-years rule dependent upon the case, is to allow myself to take a deep breath, think it through, understand, hold my horses until a clearer picture can be viewed. Once we have deleted that judgement that could cloud our view, we can actually see better and be able to see more beautiful people and things around us in this world. 

There will be disappointment of course with people who might not deserve this act of kindness but we can't take one bad case to determine everyone. We should continue to extend our objectivity and kindness. How do this macro view apply to our lifestyle scenario? Gracefulness, elegance and sophistication are all extended through the basis of civilized thinking and behavior. Our lifestyle philosophy is about harmony, beauty and dynamism. Harsh judgement just don’t seem to fit into this elegant picture at all, it is so out of the place.  

Afternoon Tea – Continue to weave our city’s fabric of sophistication

A quick recap of the afternoon tea gathering we had hosted at the home of the Consul General of France on 13 April 2017. We have invited some friends of Heather & March who also came with their daughters to enjoy the French joy of entertaining. We are proud of Hong Kong for our sophisticated lifestyle and we wish that this unique fabric of the city is continuously being weaved through generation and generation. For details please refer to our Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1664908623549481.1073741846.208117035895321&type=1&l=956664b27b

Practical table linen for everyday

For all of us who are always on the run, whether we have helpers or not at home, you will find our Le Jacquard Français' coated stain resistant table cloth a must-have at your homes. Magically, they don’t need to be washed, even if there are wine and food stain, you only need to wipe it with clean wet cloth and it will be ready for usage again. Not only it is a real time saver, but this efficient product is so well made that it does not look like a stain resistant table cloth with the tacky plastic look at all. Quite the reverse,  it is chic, stylish, subdue and beautiful that fits into our daily lives easily. It comes with table mats, runner and table cloth. I really enjoy using them every day.      


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