2 Mar 2018 – Happy Spring Lantern Festival of the New Year of the Dog

Dear Friends of Heather & March,

How are you? Missing all of you!
I have been rather busy starting off the year thus please excuse me for my late Chinese New Year blog! Today is our Spring Lantern Festival and may I Wish You All  A Very Happy Chinese New Year of the Dog filled with love, success and prosperity!

During this Chinese New year season, I must introduce this trendy 'Darling Dog' collection from Gien which is such a whimsical and happy all year long gift to friends for this Year of the Dog ! Also check out the avant-garde Chinese bowl from the collection of 'Garance' by Gien too.

The elegant 'Chinese Tea' tea towel collection so well made from Le Jacquard Français adds such an elegant touch to this joyful season whether to use it in the ktichen, as a runner or to serve your champagne.
At Heather & March, our products and services are meant for customers to create that precious sharing moments whether at home or as gifts to express their love and thoughts.   

…Also like to greet you with my home made Pear and Almond Tart which I have used a special pâte sucrée recipe to make my pastry. I am very satisfied of the taste and the look, and thus like to share the following with you. I used the very pretty and user friendly baking tray made by Gien to bake my tart, and Gien's cake platter with the matching dessert plates to serve my home baking. Do check out our array of choices at our store for you to share your joy of entertaining and dining with your dear ones.

If you are interested to learn how to make it and how to serve it in a stylish way, do join us at our next baking class in May. Details will follow later via our Facebook

Food & Philosophy

During this busy début of 2018, I enjoy my baking during my free time which allows me to submerge into the wonderful tranquility and peacefulness to rest my mind; and while doing my baking, I have discovered that the technique of baking somehow reflects a certain aspect of life, living skills and philosophy.  This time I like to talk about Depth vs Superficiality. Superficial efforts won't deliver good long term nor solid results, therefore it won't last. It also doesn't deliver the right flavor. 

Like baking, if one just follows the steps and just be technically fine yet not bothered to explore further in validating the recipe, to learn and observe, knowing why those steps are needed, why the ingredients and the baking agents need to be combined in a particular sequence in order to produce the magical baking reaction, the end result would just be a wishy washy by-product.  If one doesn't possess the required depth and foundation, and just simply do the job superficially, the cake might have been done but it lacks depth and flavor. It is pretty much like writing too, writing something without real content, that could be annoying…So back to the cake and pastry, the flavor might not be too bad yet it lacks its soul and sophistication.  Ah….that is my point, the difference between sophisticated tasty cakes versus just an OK cake. It is also about doing the job with solid skills versus superficial skills. It could be an interesting analogy about how one deals with one’s life.  Life without depth can be dull and tasteless and lacks endurance.

Time to build
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the  GBWEA – Golden Bauhinia Women Entrepreneurial Association, who had given me an Honorary Award in Hong Kong last November with the aim to inspire future young female entrepreneurs. During the ceremony, I had the chance to share what 'entrepreneurship' means to me. It is about 'How to build', so I would like to encourage our young and thriving generation to go ahead and 'Build' your future, keep on building and during the process, examine yourself first with humility before you examine others what can be done better. Throughout the process  you will face both highs and los, both success as well as failure yet throughout the journey, you have certainly build your precious 'Strength' that no one can take away from you. That is depth versus superficiality. Avoid the regrets, be brave and start building today.


About Elegance –
If you ask me what is the basis of elegance, I would no doubt point out that it has everything to do with one's humility and sensitivity. Today we see great examples of the completely opposite; a great deal of self-righteousness armed with defensive mannerism and small tunnel vision mindset, in order just to get one's voices heard or get one's points ruthlessly across with no consideration and sensitivity of others.  That is certainly not what elegance is about. Elegance is based on love, humility, empathy and sensitivity. Embrace, embrace. 


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