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Founded in 1885, signature specialist in re-creating top quality 17th to 19th century French antique furniture, Moissonnier represents the perfect alchemy between ancient and modern, the majesty of an ancestral art and the lightness of an evolving trend. Their quality and beautiful collections have graced many exclusive venues, stylish homes, hotels and exquisite residential projects.

  • Moissonnier

    Chest of Drawers; White; Lacquered Beech Product Size: H: 85 cm, L: 130 cm, D: 63 cm...

    HK$ 100,800.00
  • Moissonnier

    Chest of Drawers; Black; Lacquered Beech with ornate bronzes Product Size: L: 130 cm,...

    HK$ 148,940.00
  • Moissonnier

    Chest of Drawers; Purple; Lacquered Beech Product Size: H: 88 cm, L: 102 cm, D: 58 cm...

    HK$ 99,950.00
  • Moissonnier

    Tea Table: Lacquered Beech Product Size: H: 75 cm, Ø: 87 cm Marble top, ribbed apron...

    HK$ 49,780.00
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